Dance with a Dragon

DancewithaDragon_coverDance with a Dragon is the third book in The Dragon Archives.

Anna is happy. Or rather, she should be happy. Life is peaceful and calm – no abductions or dragon wars to disturb her tranquility. Keira and Aaron have given her a home, and she can spend as much time with Lydia and Zach, her twin niece and nephew, as she wishes. And when Garrick Flynn proposes marriage, Anna knows that she should be thrilled. After all, Garrick is a very good man who loves her enough for both of them. But knowing you should be happy, and being happy are two very different things, and Anna is not happy. So when Keira and Aaron invite her to join them on a trip to the city, Anna jumps at the opportunity. Perhaps a change of pace after five years at Storbrook is just what she needs.

(Linda’s) characters are like family members. You know them and yet they still surprise you. – Amazon Reviewer