Forever a Dragon


Oh my, what a wonderful surprise! I couldn’t imagine where you were going to go with this one but, Linda, you sure outdid yourself this time!”
-Amazon Reviewer

How do you kill a dragon? For Lleland Seaton, Master of Philosophy, the answer is clear. Only a longbow is powerful enough to hunt such a terrible beast. But little is known about the fearsome creatures, so when Zachary Drake, along with his beautiful and intriguing sister Lydia, crosses Lleland’s path, it seems fate is on his side.  Who, after all, is better to teach him about slaying dragons than the son of the famed dragon-slayer himself, Aaron Drake?

But things are never as they appear, and when Lleland travels to the Northern Mountains and the home of the Drakes in the hopes of learning more about dragons – and perhaps extending his acquaintance with Lydia – he embarks on a journey that will challenge everything he believes, forcing him to confront the truth about dragons, and eventually, the truth about himself as well.